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Maxtouch provides a full suite of security solutions, including network security and design, email and web security, network auditing and monitoring, and the creation of security strategies for businesses. You can lower the danger of data damage and overcome all security issues with our solutions.

We provide you an extensive array of services designed to assist enterprises in removing security flaws, defending against different security attacks, and repairing the harm caused by a security breach.

  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

    Maxtouch approaches server management from all angles, first collaborating with you to determine your needs in terms of storage, access, and security before creating a strategy that suits your needs. Whether the end solution is hosted on-site, in the cloud, or in a hybrid, we guarantee the safe storage of your company's data while maintaining cost-effectiveness and speed of access. In the event that we're working with an already-existing server configuration, we'll take the required actions to guarantee it has all the capability and functionality to satisfy your wants and is kept in top condition.

  • Bio-Metric and Access Control
  • Network Threat Analysis

    One area of cybersecurity called "Network Threat Analysis" keeps an eye on network traffic communications in order to spot patterns and possible threats. It tracks regular network traffic and quickly detects and reports any anomalies or aberrant activity using machine learning and behavioral analytics.