Education Sector

Queue Management System

Education Sector

For educational institutions across the United Arab Emirates, Maxtouch offers ICT services and solutions. Its solid foundation and industry-serving abilities are helping the firm carve out a significant place in this market. These are end-to-end solutions and services. Apart from a range of applications tailored to the education sector, such as GPS tracking for school buses, classroom management, and library management.

Maxtouch is also an expert in custom services for K–12 and Higher Education, including assessment, smartboards, audiovisual, content management, learning management systems, and mobile and permanent IT labs as well as STEM labs.

Class Room Wifi Solutions

The entire wireless network is monitored and managed by centralized cloud-managed or private management systems.

Intelligent campus IT Network

To build a sustainable campus, optimize the lighting, energy, parking, and trash disposal systems.

Security Solutions

Maxtouch's school security solutions assist you in maintaining the safety and security of your children, employees, and data whether they are on campus, off campus, or traveling in school cars.

Communication Solutions

Voice over IP, or VoIP, is the term used to describe a method of transmitting voice calls over an IP network that includes packetization and digitization of the voice streams.