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Hikvision Surveillance Solutions Partner in UAE

Hikvision Surveillance Solutions Partner in UAE

Maxtouch is an authorized partner of Toshiba Storage Soltions in UAE. Hikvision is dedicated to supporting a wide range of sectors with its cutting-edge solutions in machine perception, artificial intelligence, and big data, and is paving the way for the future of AIoT: We aim to help people better connect with the world around them through comprehensive machine perception technologies; with a wealth of intelligent products, we strive to identify and satisfy diverse demands by delivering intelligence at your fingertips; and through innovative AIoT applications, we are dedicated to empowering every individual to enjoy a better future by building an intelligent world that is more convenient, efficient, and secure.

  • IP Cameras:

    Network-based cameras that use the Internet Protocol for communication. They are commonly used for surveillance in various settings.

  • Analog Cameras:

    Traditional surveillance cameras that use analog signals for transmission. These are often used in older systems or in situations where upgrading to IP cameras is not practical.

  • Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) and Network Video Recorders (NVRs):

    Devices that record and store video footage. DVRs are typically used with analog cameras, while NVRs are used with IP cameras.

  • Video Management Software (VMS):

    Software solutions that allow users to manage and view video footage from multiple cameras. This can include features like video analytics, remote monitoring, and more.

  • Access Control Systems:

    Systems that regulate access to physical locations, often integrated with video surveillance for enhanced security.

  • Other Security Products:

    Hikvision also produces a variety of other security-related products, such as thermal cameras, intercom systems, and more.

HikVision Authorized Partner in UAE

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