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LG Displays

Maxtouch is an authorized partner of LG displays in UAE. LG offers a diverse range of commercial displays for various business and commercial applications.

  • Digital Signage Displays:

    LG's digital signage displays are designed for use in retail, hospitality, and other commercial settings. They come in various sizes and resolutions to meet different requirements.

  • Video Walls:

    LG provides video wall solutions that allow businesses to create large, impactful displays for advertising, information sharing, or immersive experiences. These may include Ultra-Narrow Bezel displays for seamless visual continuity.

  • Interactive Displays:

    LG offers interactive displays for collaborative environments and educational institutions. These displays may feature touch capabilities and interactive whiteboard functionality.

  • Outdoor Displays:

    LG commercial displays suitable for outdoor use are designed to withstand environmental conditions while providing clear and vibrant visuals.

  • Transparent Displays:

    Transparent displays allow businesses to showcase products while overlaying digital content. These displays are often used in retail and exhibition settings.

  • Commercial OLED Displays:

    LG is known for its OLED technology, and commercial OLED displays offer high-quality, vibrant images with deep blacks and wide viewing angles.

  • Hospitality Displays:

    LG provides displays tailored for the hospitality industry, including hotel TVs and digital signage solutions.

  • Healthcare Displays:

    Displays designed for healthcare environments may include features such as antimicrobial coatings and compatibility with medical imaging equipment.

  • Control Room Displays:

    LG offers displays suitable for control room environments, where large-scale information monitoring is required.

LG Displays Authorized Partner in UAE

LG Display Solutions

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