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HPE Storage

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) offers a range of storage solutions to meet the diverse needs of businesses and organizations.

  • HPE Nimble Storage:

    Nimble Storage provides predictive analytics and multi-cloud storage solutions. It is designed to deliver high-performance, availability, and simplicity. The use of predictive analytics helps prevent issues before they occur.

  • HPE 3PAR StoreServ:

    3PAR StoreServ is an all-flash and hybrid storage array that aims to provide scalable, efficient, and resilient storage for mid-range to enterprise-class applications. It supports block and file storage.

  • HPE StoreOnce:

    StoreOnce is an enterprise-grade deduplication appliance for data protection and backup. It helps reduce storage costs by deduplicating data and supports various backup and recovery applications.

  • HPE XP Storage:

    XP Storage is designed for high-end enterprise storage needs. It offers features like data replication, high availability, and disaster recovery capabilities. It's suitable for mission-critical applications.

  • HPE MSA Storage:

    Modular Storage Arrays (MSA) are entry-level storage solutions that provide a balance of performance, scalability, and affordability. These are suitable for small and mid-sized businesses.

  • HPE SimpliVity:

    SimpliVity is a hyper-converged infrastructure solution that integrates compute, storage, and networking into a single, easy-to-manage platform. It aims to simplify IT operations and reduce infrastructure costs.

  • HPE Alletra Storage:

    HPE Alletra is a family of cloud-native data infrastructure solutions. It is designed to provide scalable, agile, and cloud-ready storage for modern applications and workloads.

  • HPE GreenLake Storage Services:

    HPE GreenLake is a consumption-based IT model that allows organizations to pay for their storage on a usage basis. GreenLake Storage Services provide flexibility and scalability without the need for upfront capital investment.

Professional managed service provide in UAE
HPE Authorized Partner in UAE

HPE Servers

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is a global technology company that provides a wide range of products and services, including server solutions. HPE server solutions refer to the various hardware and software offerings designed to meet the computing needs of businesses and organizations.

HPE's server solutions encompass a diverse portfolio of products, including:

  • ProLiant Servers:

    HPE ProLiant servers are a popular line of industry-standard servers that cater to a wide range of workloads. They are designed for reliability, performance, and flexibility, making them suitable for various business applications.

  • Blade Systems:

    HPE BladeSystem is a modular infrastructure platform that combines server, storage, networking, and management components into a single integrated system. Blade systems are known for their efficiency and scalability.

  • Mission-Critical Servers:

    HPE offers servers that are specifically designed for mission-critical workloads where high availability and reliability are paramount. These servers are often used in enterprise environments for critical applications.

  • Apollo Systems:

    HPE Apollo systems are designed for high-performance computing (HPC) and big data analytics workloads. They provide the necessary compute power and scalability for demanding computational tasks.

  • Synergy:

    HPE Synergy is a composable infrastructure solution that allows organizations to compose and recompose resources dynamically to meet the needs of different applications. It aims to provide a more flexible and agile IT infrastructure.

  • Intelligent Edge Servers:

    HPE also provides server solutions for edge computing, where processing power is placed closer to the data source. This is particularly important for applications that require real-time data processing.

  • Server Management Software:

    HPE provides software solutions for managing and monitoring servers, ensuring optimal performance, and facilitating efficient resource utilization.

HPE Authorized Partner in UAE

HPE Servers & Storages

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