Samsung Displays

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Samsung Displays

Maxtouch is an authorized partner of Samsung Displays in UAE. Samsung is a leading provider of display solutions, offering a wide range of products for various applications.

  • Consumer Displays:

    Samsung produces a diverse range of consumer displays, including LED and QLED TVs, computer monitors, and gaming monitors. These displays often feature advanced technologies such as Quantum Dot technology for enhanced color

  • Professional Displays:

    Samsung offers professional displays for various applications, including digital signage, hospitality, and corporate environments. These displays may include features like ultra-high definition (UHD) resolution, slim designs, and interactive capabilities.

  • Digital Signage:

    Samsung provides solutions for digital signage, ranging from standalone displays to video walls. These displays are often used in retail, transportation, education, and other sectors to deliver dynamic and engaging content.

  • Outdoor Displays:

    Samsung has developed outdoor displays that are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions. These displays are suitable for applications such as outdoor advertising and information boards.

Samsung Display Solutions Authorized Partner in UAE

Samsung Display Solutions

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